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Our 70+ years' experience working with individuals, families, companies and organizations nationwide has revealed consistent experiences with employees and members who feel:


when they are working in their positions feeling like there is no support.


because they feel like their workload is increasing without recognition, compensation or joy.


that they no longer enjoy the work they do, the environment that they are in, and/or the people they work with.


since they have little to no time for self care and feel like they have to do it all.


of who they are when it comes to their purpose, roles and daily effort in their work.

We help create:


Individual attendees will shift in their thoughts, ideas and perspectives that embraces positive growth mindset which helps clarify their purpose and relationships with others. 


Research has shown that an organization's efficiency, productivity and financial gain increase by 40% when members have trust. Attendees will build on their trustworthiness as individuals and trust within the community they are in engaged in. 


Through a mindset shift and trust work, attendees will feel a stronger sense of belonging to their organization and to each other. 


Attendees will take ongoing action on their learning as part of the workshop experience. Combining action with reflection as well as receiving guidance for follow-up, organizations will move forward to sustainable change. 

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