What is the Decided Heart Effect?

It is the positive change we can create together when we decide to use our gifts and stories to form connections instead of divisions.

It is the moment or moments in your life where something happens that presents you with an opportunity to decide to level up or to shrink back in indecision. Spoiler alert, shrinking does not serve you or the world. You were made to have a positive impact using your unique gifts and experiences. It is our hope that our workshops, keynote and podcast will inspire you to embrace your own story and effect positive change.

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The Founders

Sonja Montiel and Hilary Bilbrey found trust and belonging in one another just before the pandemic and decided to come together to create a space where they could model authentic conversations and self-discovery. They did so in the form of a YouTube channel and podcast called The DH Effect – The Decided Heart Effect. Their mission has now evolved​,​ guiding ​individuals, ​schools​,​ and organizations to personal accountability, high-trust relationships and belonging.


Sonja and Hilary come with over 40 years of experience in college admissions, life coaching, education, parenting, marriage and friendship. As one of their guests so eloquently put it, “Sonja and Hilary are on a mission to love, inspire and uplift this world,” one decided heart at a time.