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What is the Decided Heart Effect?

It is having the courage to live with a decided heart. 

You practice decision-making and action-taking daily that is in alignment with who you are at your best. 

As you model the way, the effect is that you inspire and give permission for others to do the same. 

The Founders

Sonja Montiel and Hilary Bilbrey found trust and belonging in one another just before the pandemic and decided to come together to create a space where they could model authentic conversations and self-discovery. They did so in the form of a YouTube channel and podcast called The DH Effect – The Decided Heart Effect. Their mission has now evolved​,​ guiding ​individuals, ​families, companies and organizations to personal accountability, high-trust relationships and belonging.


Sonja and Hilary come with over 40 years of experience in coaching executive leadership educators, families, and individuals. As they completed their 100 episodes for their podcast, one of their guests so eloquently put it, “Sonja and Hilary are on a mission to love, inspire and uplift this world,” one decided heart at a time.

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