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Mother and Son

Are You
Looking for...

  • More connection with your child?

  • More laughter in your home?

  • More peacefulness amongst your family?

  • Less busyness in trying to do all the things?

  • Less conflict with the people you love most?

  • Less worry about what’s going to happen?

The DH Effect is excited to announce The Present Parent Cohort, a six-session workshop series that includes extensive expertise and experience utilizing parenting strategies that help parents build the trust and belonging within their families so that each member can THRIVE. 

Saturdays from 8:00-9:30am (PST) 

Beginning April 29, 2023

What You Will Get...

  • Simple words to better connect with your child.

  • Strategies to lead your children through their learning and development. 

  • Ways to set clear boundaries and expectations for your family. 

  • Plans on how to celebrate your unique family. 

  • Five-Step method to truly listen and empower your child.

  • Ongoing support throughout the series. 

  • The Present Parent Guide

  • Practice opportunities to apply what you learn in the home with support!

Investment: $295

Limited Space!

Details of each session:


Communicating as

a Family

Learn how the language of the virtues can help you lift and guide yourself and your children. Parents will be able to use virtues to acknowledge positive behavior in a meaningful way as well as guide and set expectations and correct behavior that leads to the outcomes parents want to see within their families. 


Recognizing Teachable Moments

Guilt, shame, blame - when we face challenges or try something that doesn’t work out, we usually are hardest on ourselves. Learn to pause and approach “mistakes” with curiosity and opportunities to learn. Parents will be able to use detachment and compassion as a form of guidance and empower their children to learn from adversity.




Learning to communicate boundaries and maintain them brings more freedom and joy. Discover our current boundary "style" and then articulate your personal and family boundaries. Parents will be able to create clear boundaries and ground rules that represent a shared family vision. Parents will also learn a positive approach to discipline that emphasizes restoration. 



Your Family

It is our spirit that simultaneously makes us truly unique and connects us to each other. Learn ways to inspire, honor and celebrate the spirit in every family member. Parents will be able to create a repertoire of meaningful ways to celebrate others, focusing on rituals and impactful rewards that lead to moments of unity and reflection.


Moving from Micromanager to Mentor

It is so natural to want to fix and rescue those we love. While well-intended, when we become the hero of our children's stories, we leave them feeling unworthy, insecure and victims in their own lives. Instead, parents will to walk alongside their children, empower them to experience their life events, and be able to communicate in a way that builds trust and belonging with their children and become a guide for critical thinking. 




Let's celebrate the growth we have made in becoming a DH Effect Present Parent!


Parents will reflect on their learning, identify what has worked well and investigate their opportunities for further growth. To continue the learning and development of strategies learned, parents will design a system that ensures a system of practicing and reflecting towards mastery!

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