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Become a DHE Member!

What you get every month!

What does that mean? Let us tell you!

We get vulnerable. We lift each other up. We become your people that you can rely on. Each member strives to live with a decided heart, taking action to arrive with good intentions, trust, and wanting to be a part of something expansive. This is the Decided Heart Effect!

LIVE Monday Morning Energy Infusers 

Join us every Monday for 30 minutes at 7 AM (PST) LIVE where we come together and look back at the previous week for areas of growth and celebration, and set new intentions for the week ahead. This is a gift of clarity and expectation setting for your Decided Heart.  

Access to DHE Member-Only Facebook Page

We will be dropping in conversation starters, resources and other goodies on our exclusive DHE Member Private Facebook page. Also, we will answer questions related to personal growth, parenting and more. In addition, we will facilitate on-going conversations that help to move you forward in your Decided Heart.

Priority Registration & Discounts to DHE Events 

We have so many fun things planned in 2023! Retreats, campouts, hikes, and more! As a DHE Member, you will be the first to know about any of our exciting plans, plus you will get an exclusive discount!

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